Summer Camp

Summer camp is an excellent way to continue the fun and learning of Washington Park Early Learning Center throughout the year. Camp provides consistent social interactions and familiarity with school life and keeps the skills acquired during the school year fresh and practiced for the new challenges of the following school year. It is a bridge that connects our kids to what they have learned and to what they are learning.

Sample Daily Schedule

9:00am: Campers Arrive
9:10am: Outdoor exploration of camp themed activities including water experiments and nature observation
10:30am: Washing hands and potty breaks followed by every campers favorite: group snack time
11:00am: Indoor camp themed choices and activities
Noon: Camp themed stories and songs
12:30pm: Lunch time!
1:00pm: Goodbye song

Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp will be offered at WPELC during the summer of 2018. We can’t wait to hear about your camping and family adventures when students return to class in the fall.