About Our School

Washington Park Early Learning Center is a parent cooperative school where children, parents, and teachers come together to play, explore, and learn in a joyful, stimulating, and safe environment. WPELC’s goal is to nurture caring, confident, and competent lifelong learners.

Our school prides itself in:

  • Providing hands on child-centered learning opportunities.
  • Celebrating learning through choice, exploration and discovery.
  • Modeling the appreciation of diversity and humanity.
  • Valuing imagination and curiosity
  • Challenging all to question, to think and to collaborate.
  • Leading with exceptional, qualified teachers.
  • Enriching the whole child.
  • Creating an atmosphere where each child takes flight with confidence.

Our Values

At WPELC we believe children learn best through their play experiences with an emphasis on social-emotional development.  Students have the opportunity to explore and to enrich their world physically, emotionally, and intellectually—toward optimum growth.  The teachers provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum full of open-ended and hands-on learning opportunities.  Language, science, math, dramatic play, social studies, art, and music are offered in an integrated curriculum supporting the tenet that all of these areas are interconnected and occur together in everyday life.  WPELC’s program balances free play and choice time with structured group and individual activities.

It is essential that each child develops a caring attitude toward other children and learns the importance of working together.  WPELC supports these beliefs by respecting and celebrating all children, their families, and their diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Strong emphasis is placed on peaceful, mutually acceptable resolutions to problems or conflicts.


Our teachers respect, support, and encourage each child’s learning style and pace to foster each child’s self-esteem, individuality, and creativity.  They help students develop a stronger love of learning and the courage to question and explore by offering many opportunities to create and to solve problems and by modeling and advocating diverse solutions.  At WPELC teachers emphasize the process rather than the product.


Parent participation is the hallmark of a cooperative preschool.  We treasure the unique talents, interests, and resources that each family brings to our school.  The enthusiastic participation of all of the parents makes the successful operation of WPELC possible.