Early Learner (2.5 – 3.5 Years)

Our Early Learner classes are for kids ages 2½ to 3½ by September 1st of the enrolling school year. Children learn and grow socially through the exploration of hands-on, multi-sensory experiences. Class time includes many opportunities to make choices and develop children’s interests. Reflecting the needs of young preschoolers, this class is flexible in structure and allows for full immersion into learning as we play. Children will be supported in their growth as a whole child, meeting their social, cognitive, physical and creative developmental needs. Each day will include the joyful exploration of ideas, cooperation, art, music, problem solving, stories, manipulatives and friendship. Teachers plan and create fresh and exciting activities each day to ignite the imagination on our journey toward taking flight.

There are two Early Learner classes, meeting from 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. One class meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; the other class meets every Tuesday and Thursday. There are opportunities for an hour of After Class Enrichment. Please review our current schedule to review current tuition rates and fees.

A Day in the Early Learner Classroom

The Early Learner class schedule begins with morning circle time consisting of a greeting song and a welcome.  “Choice” time is next when the children choose from various activities the teachers have prepared in advance or various play areas that are more permanent in the classroom. After cleaning up, the class enjoys circle time where stories, songs and movement activities happen. Snack follows. The children then have outdoor time or indoor gross motor skills time, depending on the weather. After some physical activity, the children return to shared experience time where they work in small groups on various skillsThe class then transitions into the goodbye circle.

For the Early Learner class, there is one teacher, one teacher’s assistant, and one parent helper and between 12 to 14 children.

After Class Enrichment

Washington Park Early Learning Center provides an optional after school enrichment opportunity for our Early Learner students for an additional fee. Enrichment classes are created and taught by our WPELC teachers to provide consistent quality and comfort for our children. Children will explore various themes, ideas, and concepts of stories through music, movement, art, and dramatic play in different sessions broken up throughout the year. Enrichment is immediately following regular class time. Early Learners will need to bring a sack lunch on enrichment days for lunchtime with friends. Classes are one hour long and provide an exciting learning extension to our day.

Enrichment classes will take place Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., immediately following regular class time. Classes start a few weeks into the school year. There will be a detailed description communicated via the WPELC school newsletter before the start of each session. Sign-up will be managed with SignUpGenius. The cost per session varies depending on the # of weeks in each session; the rate is $12 per student per day. Payment should be in the form of a check to WPELC. Please put checks in the tuition box prior to the first day of enrichment.

Early Learners Enrichment Sign Ups – Ms. Tina (MWF) and Ms. Katie (TR)

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*Please Note: For Early Learners, please send your child with a sack lunch*