WPELC offers the following classes. See below for a detailed description of each class.

* Children must be minimum class age by Sept 1st of enrolling school year.


Parent-Tot class is a parent/caregiver-accompanied class for kids ages 1½ to 2½*. Children and parents learn together in a supportive and stimulating environment. Class time includes opportunity for the joyful exploration of social interactions, sensory exploration, hands-on learning and parent education. Parents will learn alongside their children as the teacher models meaningful and age appropriate activities and skills including effective use of language, conflict resolution and learning strategies for our youngest students.


Early Learner

Our Early Learner classes are for kids ages 2½ to 3½*. Children learn and grow socially through the exploration of hands-on, multi-sensory experiences. Class time includes many opportunities to make choices and develop children’s interests. Reflecting the needs of young preschoolers, this class is flexible in structure and allows for full immersion into learning as we play. Children will be supported in their growth as a whole child, meeting their social, cognitive, physical and creative developmental needs.



This class is for kids ages 3½ to 5*. Children thrive in a multi-age environment as they acquire new skills and consolidate their learning. Children learn and grow as they navigate a diverse and rich classroom landscape. As the younger children are supported and encouraged to try and do, the older children take ownership of tasks mastered, only to reach new levels of learning again. Each child is supported as an individual and is enriched to meet their interests and needs both academically and socially.


Summer Camp

Summer camp is an excellent way for children ages 3 to 5 years (by June 1st) to continue the fun and learning of WPELC throughout the year. Camp provides consistent social interactions and familiarity with school life and keeps the skills acquired during the school year fresh and practiced for the new challenges of the following school year. It is a bridge that connects our kids to what they have learned and to what they are learning.