Grocery Cards

Washington Park Early Learning Center families use reloadable grocery cards as an easy way to contribute money to our school through their everyday purchases. For every $100 spent using a grocery card, our school receives $5. The small increments that add up result in a lot of money for our school that doesn’t come out of your pocket!

We ask each family to spend $300 per month (September through May), or pay a $20 monthly buy-out.  Each family can have multiple cards tied to their account enabling grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends to spend and credit the family’s requirements. All excess funds generated can be applied towards reducing other fundraising requirements.

If you need a grocery card, contact our grocery card parent volunteer Ivy Binder at

If you are doing a buy-out instead of the grocery card program, please write a check separate from tuition and write “buy-out” on the memo line. Let us know as soon as possible so we can keep track of who is participating in the grocery card program. Place buy-out checks in the tuition lock box.

  • Monthly buy-out is $20
  • Fall Semester buy-out is $80 (specify “semester buy out” on memo line)
  • Sprint Semester buy-out is $100 (specify “semester buy out” on memo line)
  • Yearly buy-out is $180 (specify “full year buy-out” on memo line)
  • Families with 2 students pay 1.5 times the single student rate

Reloadable Grocery Card FAQs

Q: How do I get a reloadable grocery card?

A: Put a check(s) with a minimum amount of $2.50 for King Soopers, or $5.00 for Safeway in Carra Morris’s school mailbox with a note including your name and the type of card(s) you would like.  Once received, she will put a reloadable grocery card (loaded with your $2.50/$5.00) in your school mailbox.

Q: How do I put money on my reloadable grocery card?

A:  Your card can be loaded at the customer service desk or by a clerk at a participating gas station. You can also ask your checkout clerk to load your grocery card with funds, but you must have them do this before he/she starts checking you out.

Q: What gas stations will accept my reloadable grocery card?

A:  You can search by zip code at A handful include:

  • King Soopers:
    • Shell at 411 E. Florida Ave Denver
    • Shell at 1696 S. Broadway Denver
    • Shell at 1600 S. Colorado Blvd Denver
    • Loaf N Jug at 1495 S. Colorado Blvd Denver
  • Safeway: 201 E. Jefferson Englewood, 6440 E. Yale Ave. Denver

Q: Can I benefit from my credit card reward program if I use a reloadable grocery card?

A: YES!  If you use your credit card to load your grocery card, you will still accrue credit card rewards.

Q: Can I have more than one card tied to my account?

A: Yes. You can have as many grocery cards as you want…distribute them to grandparents, aunts/uncles, neighbors, friends – they can all spend on your behalf!

Q: How much am I required to spend each month?

A: $300 per month ($450 for double child families) September through May, but cards can be used all year long.

Q: What if I spend more than my required monthly amount?

A: Families who surpass their semester grocery card requirements help WPELC by raising even more money for the school.