Lottery & Wait Pool System

Washington Park Early Learning Center conducts an annual “loose lottery” system in order to balance each class by age and gender as best as possible. Thus, we do not fill our classes on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should a spot become available, we will fill that spot from unranked wait pool using the same system.

2017-2018 Lottery Dates

The lottery was conducted the week of February 6, 2017 for all applications received prior to the February 3, 2017 deadline. Letters of acceptance or wait pool status were emailed on or before Friday, February 17, 2017.

Applications received after February 3, 2017 will be considered for our wait pool.



Enrollment preference is given in the following order:

  1. Current students
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Alumni (this includes past WPELC students, their siblings, or children of past WPELC students)
  4. New families

Wait Pool

Students not admitted during the lottery will be placed into our unranked wait pool. Children not admitted from the wait pool may reapply for enrollment the following school year. These families do not have to pay another registration fee.

The wait pool starts over each year. The wait pool is not carried over from year to year.  Any family in the wait pool will remain in the pool for the current school year but must reapply the following school year (but does not have to pay another registration fee).