Social Competence

“Social exchange is seen as essential in learning. Through shared activity, communication and even conflict, children co-construct their knowledge of the world, using one child’s ideas to develop another.”
— The Hundred Languages of Children

How well we develop socially will have an effect on our lives forever. Social competence is critical for success in all aspects of our lives.

WPELC Encourages Social Interaction by

  • Providing an environment that allows children to maximize positive social behaviors at their own rates and by their own choice
  • Making the learning environment non-competitive
  • Expanding some individual projects to include more children
  • Using conflict between children as an opportunity to guide them towards social competence
  • Encouraging children to seek out others when they need help
  • Providing opportunities for children to communicate an problem solve
  • Accepting individual differences in children and encouraging children to understand and respect individual differences and needs
  • Accepting children’s feelings and allow them to experience them without being judged (accept angry and hostile feelings while protecting the child from acting them out.)

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