Washington Park Early Learning Center is very much a supporter of emergent literacy. Emergent literacy is the natural, gradual development of a young child’s listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. The goal of emergent literacy is to lay a strong foundation and understanding of language that will create lifelong readers and writers.

WPELC Enhances Emergent Literacy by

  • Encouraging and supporting converation, storytelling, finger plays and playing with spoken language (language is very important to the acquisition of reading and writing as print and language are inter-related.)
  • Providing a print-rich environment
  • Encouraging many experiences with writing and writing materials
  • Valuing children’s written expressions, even though they may not represent standard writing
  • Demonstrating to children the relationship between their spoken words and written words through through dictation, re-reading and pointing to words
  • Introducing children to letter identification and phonology through words and activities that are meaningful to them
  • Encouraging multiple uses of writing: making lists, signs, labels, letters, stories, recipes.
  • Reinforcing children’s reading in their own environments they become familiar with symbols and words: names, logos and signs.
Emergent Literacy

Emergent Literacy

“There is no need to set aside formal lessons for young children about reading and writing. Children will learn about written language because it is part of their lives.”
— Judith Schick Endanz
More Than the ABC’s: the early stages of reading and writing (1986)