Creative Thinking

The emphasis on creativity in young children includes the developing and generating of original ideas. Divergent thinking is important in the creative process. It is this higher order of thinking that is needed for later schooling, skills such as initiative taking, problem solving and innovating within the constraints of reality.

WPELC Encourages Creative Thinking by

  • Incorporating and adapting to children’s interest and ideas
  • providing a variety of materials for exploration and play
  • Facilitating pretend play, fantasy and other ways and means to imagination
  • Helping children focus on their own special talents and strengths
  • Providing a psychologically safe classroom with the freedom and security necessary for individual or group exploration and creative thinking
  •  Inviting children to express ideas freely and spontaneously
  • Providing children time to think and develop ideas
  • Encouraging individuality and originality in their work
  • Avoiding unnecessary rewards/reinforcements
  • Commenting on children’s process rather than encouraging the finished product
  • Showing children that we value creativity