Our Facilities


Spacious and inviting, Washington Park Early Learning Center’s classrooms create a sense of wonder for children. Our classrooms were designed by our teachers to be learning centers that meet the cognitive, creative, and social needs of young children. They give children freedom to take risks and learn in a safe and stimulating environment.  Attention to detail in room arrangement and placement as well as providing rich textures and sensory experiences are a few of the ways in which WPELC classrooms are unique.

Preschool Classroom


The Preschool classroom features a spacious, 1400 square foot space including a castle, science center, and creation station.  A large circle area connects to a writing center and performance area allowing for creative expression and exploration of literacy. The block area often the hub for problem solving and community building with many loose parts for creative construction. Tables are home to both artistic and sensory endeavors, which provide space for snack, group skills, and lunch later in the day.


Early Learner Classroom

The Early Learner classroom features a large 1000 square foot space with lots of natural light that includes an enormous handmade loft, perfect for pretend adventures. Learning spaces — including the circle space, block, science, music and sensory exploration areas — enable young learners the opportunity to explore and learn. Tables for creating are later used for snack and group activities.


Our Playground

The WPELC community worked together to create a unique 3,600 square foot nature-scape playground.  Our outdoor space is a landscape filled with opportunities for wonder, movement, and exploration. In our space, you will see our children rolling down the hill, taking a trip on a train, and observing the wonders of physical science in an outdoor classroom.  There are large logs and a hill for climbing and lots of trees where children can be seen singing songs and taking risks as they play.  A little wooden cottage under two enormous trees is home to many ideas as children use their imaginations.  A deep sandbox under the shade of another tree has room for many friends as children work together to create volcanos and small worlds.  Our playground is a beautiful treasure; unique to WPELC and showcases our focus on creating child centered environments.

Working togetherImagination and Motor Skills at Work